TorrentZ Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir Angequatscht Abgeschleppt - Scene #03 Diamond Foxxx

TorrentZ Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir Angequatscht Abgeschleppt - Scene #03 Diamond Foxxx play

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FREE PORN: in the afternoon, being a senior partner at one of Chicago's major law firms could at times be challenging, but most often grueling!!! She was about to put her key into the dead bolt lock on her door, when as if by magic it swung open and she was greeted by a pale thin young blonde boy of nineteen, who stood in front of her naked except for pair of pink silk panties!!! "Oh, Mistress," he gushed, "I am so glad that you're home, I missed you so much today!!!" She stepped inside the door and while giving him a kiss on the cheek, stuck her free hand inside of his panties and asked, "Did you get everything done that I asked you to?!?" As his organ swelled in her hand, he replied excitedly, "Oh yes, I went to the market and ordered the groceries, I made an appointment for you at the beauty parlor for Saturday, and of course I shave all of my body hair, is it smooth enough for you," he asked hopefully!?! "We'll see," she replied a little gruffly, "now hurry up and get me a drink, I'm dead tired!!!" Timmy wasted no time in going over to the bar and fixing Cassandra her usual, a scotch and water! She drained half of the drink in one long swallow before returning her attention to the young boy waiting patiently at her side! She eyed his smooth pale form and felt the familiar stirring inside of her panties, how she loved his sweet warm flesh!!! "Show me your penis, boy," she ordered while taking a sip on her drink!!!" "Yes, Mistress," he replied excitedly, as he quickly shoved the pink panties over his hips and down to the floor!!! His small penis standing fully erect and pointing straight at her, made her pussy drench itself with a flood of hot cunt juice!!! "You look so tense Mistress," he offered, "would you like for me to suck your vagina for you!?!" "Yeah," she replied, "that's a very good idea, would like to suck it for me right now!?!" "Oh, yes," he said enthusiastically, "I've been thinking about it all day, and hoped you'd be in the mood for it!!!" "Well, you're in luck," she replied, "now get under my dress and suck me off!!!" Timmy quickly scrambled to the floor, disappeared under Cassandra's dress, and immediately went straight for her dripping wet cunt!!! For a sixty year old, Cassandra had a massive sex drive that required at least two sessions a day to keep her from climbing the walls, and that's why it was so important that she always have a very young lover to take care of her sexual needs, as an older man would have never been able to keep up with her frenetic pace!!! With her legs spread wide giving the young lad plenty of room to access her big lipped pussy, she drained the rest of her drink and just leaned back and enjoyed the cunt lapping that little Timmy was performing so admirably!!! "Oh, yes, panty boy," she sighed, "take good care of your Mistress' pussy, oh, my, that's it, do my clit, oh, oh, oh, right there, ooooooooh yeah!!!" For such a young man Timmy was remarkably adept at oral servitude, and since that was one of Cassandra's favorite pastimes, he spent a great deal of his time with his mouth pressed hard against her hairy muffy!!! "She wasn't sure why someone her age required such a huge amount of gratification, but she once had read that people like her, the ones that were very career oriented and driven to succeed, probably used sex as one of their few natural outlets to relieve stress from the crushing responsibilities that ruled their daily lives!!! "Whatever the reason, for as long as she could remember sex wasn't very far from her mind!!! It was a constant battle between her brain and her clit over who controlled her body!!! Most of the time her brain prevailed, but several and her clit over who controlled her body!!! Most of the time her brain prevailed, but several that quickly was approaching the critical mass needed to bring her to climax!!! "I'm very close," little boy," she panted, "do my clit hard, now, that's it, do it for your Mistress!!!" He just loved bringing her to orgasm, just the knowledge that he could make her so happy was enough to give him an incredibly hard cock!!! All at once all of the muscles in her cunt contracted at the same time, as the blood rushed to engorge her genitals in a massive orgasm that she thought might stop her heart!!! After a few moments in which she regained her senses, she gently pulled Timmy out from under her skirt and asked softly, "Did you enjoy sucking my pussy, boy!?!" With his face still shiny from her juices, he replied with a smile, "Oh yes, Mistress, you taste so sweet to me!!!" Taking his rock hard pecker into her hand, she continued with another question, "Tell, boy, did you masturbate today!?!" With the color rising in his cheeks and hi head down, he answered softly, "I-I didn't want to, Mistress, but I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry, it won't happen again!!!" "Timmy, Timmy, Timmy," she said in rebuke, "how many times have I told you never to touch yourself unless I give you permission?!?" "I don't know," he said sadly, "but quite a few I guess!!!" With her hand now rapidly jerking his little four inch erection she scolded, "What am I going to do wit you, boy, you ignore my orders and make me sorry I brought you into my house!!!" Tears now filled his eyes as he realized how disappointed she was in him, and he said in almost a wail, "P-please don't make me leave, Mistress, I'll try to do better, honest I will, please give me another chance!!!" Cassandra could feel Timmy's nut bag tightening, which of course was a precursor to his ejaculation, so as she usually did, she leaned over and took the little member into her warm mouth and let the young boy fill her mouth with his sperm!!! For such a slightly built young man he had an unusually large amount of ejaculate, and Cassandra had a hard time swallowing all of it, as some of it trickled out of the corners of her mouth!!! "Now that is how you are supposed to do it," she said with a reprimand in her voice, "Mistress always gets to drink her panty boy's sperm, is that understood!?!" "Yes, Mistress," he said with a smile, sensing that she was over her anger!!!" "All right now," she went on, "scoot into the bathroom and draw me a hot bath, I'll be in shortly, and remember, keep your hands off your penis!!!" Timmy helped Cassandra remove her robe before helping her climb into the giant four person whirl pool spa! "Oh man, that feels so good," she sighed while lying down and letting the hot water soothe her tired bones, while Timmy stood expectantly next to the tub, praying that his Mistress would allow him to join her in the hot bubbling water!!! Deciding to make him wait a bit, Cassandra asked casually while cupping her huge fat boobs, "so tell me panty boy, what were you thinking about when you masturbated today!?!" Again with the red rising in his face he replied softly, "You, ma'am, I was thinking about Double Penetration .

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