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PORN: The ambulance finally arrived at the farm, they had to medicate me three times, but I did not sleep, the pain was to great, my daughter rode in the ambulance with me, I should have realised there was a problem when she kept looking at the tent pole that rose up under the sheet, but I had my own problems, they got me into my bedroom (the front room thank God) I could not have handled any more and I slept the moment to pain eased off Solo Male It took me all of ten seconds to realise my now 11 year old daughter was sucking my cock for all she was worth, I was about to say something, (but what do you say, what can you say) when another voice spoke, we were not alone, my daughter then moved up over my cock and settled down on top of it a slipped straight into her, she took about half of me, then I came to a halt inside, she then started to push down, squirming as she pushed, I felt something give inside her and she dropped to my groin, with me totally buried inside her, she then started to turn her body around (spinning if you will on my cock) not fast, but man I felt my climax coming fast, then I heard the other person speak again telling her to finish, she stared grinding on me and then I erupted inside her and she did the same, I could feel her juices flowing everywhere, she spoke then saying, "oh nanny I love it when he comes inside me", her grandmother then came into sight and told her to go clean up, she then jumped off me and ran from the room, neither of them had even looked up at my face, if either had they would have found me looking back at them.

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