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Every time he was about to go farther his father told him to stop and rest, but eventually he got to the point where he could nearly slide in Scene Hot Bella Mur. When he climaxed just a short while later he shot more cum into his father’s ass than he had ever before
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Novinhas Brazzers – Cunt Exposure Girl Tall Kellie Shaw Numb At The Island

Then her eyes opened wide and she said, You’re him! You’re the guy!
Probably not he deferred
Yes, you’re him, You seem to be a very nice man and I would love to enjoy your sweetness sometime but right now I would love it if you would take me anyway you want….

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“Oh God Steve that’s it lick my pussy, eat me out baby”
I slid my hands up and started massaging and pinching her tits while I ate her out biting on her clit lightly making her squirm and moan as she grabbed my head and pushed me harder into her cunt allowing me to spear my tongue deeper in to her pussy, tongue fucking her deep and hard making her with a lot of moaning and screaming “oh fuck! Ooh Fuck!” Cum leaving me to lap up her delicious pussy juices
“unghhh, fuck Steve I have never cum so fucking hard in my life that was incredible, now I want your fucking cock inside me now Steve Give it to me”
She got on her knees and unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard 10 inch uncut cock where it bobbed dripping precum
“Wow if I knew you were hiding this massive fucking piece of meat I would have fucked you all through my pregnancy, Jim’s cock s tiny compared to yours”
I smiled as She licked the precum off the head of my cock making me groan she took my hand and led me to the master bed room where she lay me down on the bed and climbed on top of me she straddled my legs facing me and lined up her pussy with my cock head, then she slowly lowered herself onto my cock sliding the head into her pussy
”God Steve your cock is massive I don’t know if it will fit”
I doubted it too as she slid slowly down my cock rocking back and forth slowly taking it all then she slid off my cock then she put it in again slowly making her way to taking all my cock, finally I bottomed out inside of her making me and her groan as I felt how tight she was and she as I filled her cunt completely and utterly
“ Elizabeth you’re so fucking tight” I said completely overwhelmed
Suddenly the phone next to the bed started ringing as we sat there with my cock inside of her, she leant over with my cock still in her and answered the phone putting her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet
“Hello? , oh hi Jim how are you honey, oh nothing just about to start doing some exercise, I’m going to try this hard core full body workout I just read about, I know I’m going to be sore after the pounding my body is going to take”
I groaned realizing that she was talking on the line to her husband as she had my cock deep inside of her, this made my cock twitch making her groan,
“What? Oh nothing it’s just I have a feeling that my body is about to take a real deep, hard, full pounding that I’ll be feeling for days”
Upon hearing this I leant up and started sucking on her tit drinking her milk as I slowly bucked my hips making my cock slide in and out of her slowly making her bite her lip to stop her from moaning as she started also bouncing up and down on my cock
“Yeah honey I have to go now, I have to finish my full body workout, love you”
She hung up with a longing glint in her eyes, understanding it I grabbed her hips and slowly started bouncing her up and down on my cock feeling my cock slide deep inside of her penetrating her womb slowly picking up speed I marveled at how tight and young her pussy felt for someone who had just given birth not that long ago loving the feeling of her pussy clutching at my cock bouncing her faster and faster
“Ohhhh my God Steve Fuck me harderrrr!”
I complied by pulling out and putting her on all fours and slammed my cock into her pussy from behind making her groan and throw her head back as she grinded her ass against me
“ Unghhh that’s right fuck me hard Steve!! Slam it into me”
I obliged slamming my cock in and out of her tight pussy my balls slapping against her as I pounded her pussy feeling her cum over and over again her warm cum surrounding my cock the room filled with her moaning and the sound of our bodies slapping together I leaned forward and grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples making mil squirt from them as I slammed into her making her cum again, I was starting to feel myself getting close too feeling my balls swell getting ready to explode
“Fuck Elizabeth I’m gunna cum”
“Mmmm, I want your cum in me baby, I want to make a baby with you fill me up with your hot cum!”
Hearing these words overcame me as I slammed my cock in and out of her faster and harder than ever feeling my balls swell I slammed my cock hard and deep penetrating her womb into her and exploded cum deep inside her, feeling her back arch as she came harder than ever before screaming my name and moaning, finally I pulled out of her as we collapsed on the bed my cock covered with a mixture of my cum and hers, Elizabeth turned around and put my softening cock in her mouth and started sucking it clean running her tongue along my cock and the head proceeding to give me the best blowjob of all time after that she got up and made her way towards the on suite bathroom to shower
“You going to join me or not?” she said as she wandered in
I got into the shower with her where we stood there embraced as we kissed while my cum dripped out of her pussy into the shower I then bent down and sucked her tits enjoying the taste of her breast milk in my mouth she relaxed softly moaning as I finished, we got out of the shower and got dressed after half an hour, I looked at my watch “oh shit!, I have to go Janice will be home soon,
“God I hate her, she doesn’t deserve you or your cock, this can’t be a onetime thing you know, now that I’ve had a taste of that cock there’s no going back
“And now that I’ve had your pussy and milk there is no other woman for me, we will have to work something out, until next time, but right now I really have to go”
As I left I stroked one finger against her damp pussy and licked making her moan, happy with my work I headed home, back to my boring life, knowing that the fun had just begun, Click here.
We sat on the sofas and talked for ages as we talked I saw that Elizabeth’s legs were parted just enough or me to catch a glimpse of her sweet shaved pussy we continued talking and as we talked I kept quickly shooting glances at her cunt and her big pink nipples that showed through her tight white blouse I noticed that Elizabeth was touching her breasts lightly occasional and having a slightly pained look on her face
”Is everything okay Elizabeth? You seem to be uncomfortable”,
“ I am a bit remember when I said I was about to breast pump?, well I never got the chance to alleviate the pressure in my tits as it were, and now it’s getting extremely uncomfortable, I feel slightly embarrassed asking this but do you mind if I use my breast pump to get rid of the pressure?”,
“Sure no problem, I’ve never actually seen it done, I would be interested to see it”,
“Really? Jim normally doesn’t like to see it, it grosses him out ” I couldn’t believe that a straight man would be grossed out by that but I kept my mouth shut as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse freeing her massive breasts from their confinement, she picked up the breast pump and started pumping the milk from her left breast, “wow this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen”,
“Thanks Steve, that’s the first time anyone has said that to me while pumping”, “do you mind if I take a closer look Elizabeth?”,
“Well I guess so, if you really want to that’s fine with me”

Duration: 7 minChannel: BrazzersPornStar: Bridgette BCountry: Spain

Date: November 5, 2021