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I stood there for a few moments, unsure of what to do, We had moved to a small, two bedroom apartment, just the two of us….

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fucking her till herr mind can only process four words, fuck, daddy, and don’t stop
then I’d slow down much to her disagreement
She’d whine and try to make me go faster
but i’d take it slow sometimes going in as hard and fast as i can only to pull out slowly
and fill her again playing with her pleasure making her want it, need it
and i would give it to her go fast and hard for a while and then back to slow and sensual
causing her brain to overload with the pleasure and sensation
id see her start to shake and know she was close
She’d open her mouth to say something and the close it because the only thing that came out was a moan
and when she could finally ask permission to cum id deny her
ordering her to hold it
She would start to quiver and shake more rapidly
wanting to cum so badly but knowing that if she did it would disappoint me
so she would hold her juices for me for as long as she could and when she couldnt stand it anymore she’d cry out my name in a breathless scream and ill i would say is cum and there would be and explosion of noise moaning from such an intense feeling that she would lose her footing and slump exhuasted from the ordeal of pure pain and pleasure as she lay there id inch up to her ear and whisper if she wanted to play with the candle she would nod and i would slide out
causing her to groan at the sudden emptiness
i flick the lighter and start to heat the wax watching it pool at the bottom of the tin waiting to adore my gorgeous babydoll
when she heard the lighter she became still instantly waiting doggy style for the inevitable sensation of warm wax sliding across her skin i let the wax stir in the tin for a little keeping my little girl wanting
its okay
waiting for the drops to come and touch her skin
i slowly start to tip the candle down the molten wax racing towards her back
the jumps at the first drop making a mewl of surprise at the sudden motion of warm substance running down her curves
i set the candle of to the side only to grab her hips and rub the liquid around causing her to glisten and the smell of purple, sensual lavender permeates the air
she sways with my hands running across her body soaking in the oil
i let go with one hand to grab the candle and with one swift motion i pour the remainder of the warm wax down the center of her ass and across her pussy
she gasps in surprise and the sudden heat and wetness crawls its way through her lips, covering her clit in warmth
she moans in the pleasure of the touch of liquid only to grow her cries louder when i start to rub and finger the oil inside her ass and pussy
slowly sliding in and out of her holes
causing her to jump and moan whine and wiggle, overloaded with sensual attention
pushing two fingers into her ass she gasps
her air catches once i put two in her pussy as well
being so full feeling the movement in her holes she was so wet
i put another finger in her ass and she claimed it without a problem begging for more pleasure adding another she moans
six fingers total claimed her holes and she loved it
the tension in the air was like a fog surrounding us in pure sexual energy,

About two inches and then they get stuck
she giggles at me and then helps me as we pull down her pants i smile at the situation, her being so needy for me
once the pants are finally down i get to work
i suck at the clit right from the start stealing her breath in quick motion i lick and nip my tongue darting about finding every nook and cranny to lick and claim
all the while i enjoy the squeals and moans of my name and whines of “go faster!” her hips shaking but pushing themselves into my face i lick and play for a little longer just to get her wet and ready
i let go and move my face away from her pussy only to tell her to move to hands and knees
with a yes daddy, she moves into position i lean over and kiss her neck and back moving until i reach the middle and with a bite i straighten up and slowly push my cock inside of her
She moans with pleasure and ecstasy at the intrusion and i pull slightly out leaving the head inside only to slide back in deeper each time over and over i do this it gets a little deeper and deeper as soon as i’d get all the way in i’d wait and just stay there wiggling her hips, wanting, begging with her body for me to fuck her
and as soon as she said my name i start to fuck her
slowly at first hearing her moan my name pleading harder and harder
and i do it i would start to slam into with all my strength causing her to scream my name in shrill shrieks of pleasure and lust
taking her so hard she can’t talk

Duration: 5 minChannel: 21Sextreme

Date: November 5, 2021